Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Site Review: Social Median & Tin Eye

Here are two new and interesting social media sites making waves this week (in my book, anyway). Both of these sites are in private alpha or beta but don’t be afraid to request an invite and have a look around…

Social Median: I think of this site as a hybrid between Digg, where user recommendations increase the visibility of news items, and Alltop, where the web's top sites are organized by topic.

To create a profile you join specific news networks based on keywords (i.e. wireless, or apple) or join up with particular grouping of people (i.e. social media directors). Upon properly connecting your account to your interests, head over to your news feed where content will start to flow in.

In theory, of all of the news that comes in will be relevant to you in one way or another. Users can also create their personal news network by mapping their own social media outlets. There's not yet a PR Bloggers network. Maybe I'll take a crack at starting one. Any suggestions for who to add into the PR feed? Certainly need to start with some of my personal favorites PR Squred, Buzz Bin, Young PR, Observations of PR ...

Tin Eye: Brand new (still in private beta) visual search engine. Unlike Flickr or Google images that rely on tagging photos with keywords, Tin Eye uses visual search to find similar images from across the web. To be accurate, Tin Eye is simply the search engine, Idee's PixID drives the visual search technology. I signed up and received an invite within a day so it's definitely worth the short wait to check it out.

How does this matter to PR and digital worth of mouth practitioners? It's not simply one more tool in our growing arsenal to track down how our content is being used online. We've got track backs in our comments, Tweetscan and Technorati, but all of those tools in one way or another rely on the written word. Tin Eye allow content creators to measure how and where people are making use of your images, no matter how they're tagged.

Tin Eye is a digital bloodhound of sorts; give it a whiff of an image and it'll head out on the trail to hunt down the scent, ears flapping in the wind as it bounds through the Internets.

This will have a big impact new product launches as PR and marketers develop the ability to identify how images of the new product are circulating through social networks. When you get into the site, try a search for iphone images for an great example of this phenomena in action.

There's also a very real copyright implication. It's now easier than ever before to upload your company's logo, hit search, and find where on the web your logo appears. The results may surprise you...

Tin Eye blog

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