Friday, January 12, 2007

Monitoring the Blogosphere

It seems more and more companies have been asking their PR people, either in house or agency, to monitor what’s being said about them on blog postings, podcasts, You Tube etc.

I thought I’d throw up a quick rundown of three sites I find useful when I conduct this type of search on behalf of clients..

Podzinger – This site allows you to search for keywords within audio and video clips using speech recognition technology. It takes all the of podcasts and YouTube clips and allows you to jump-to a specific location in the audio and video without fast forwarding or listening to the entire file. It's still sort of new but this type of searching could revolutionize the way we manage of all the user created content floating that YOU create

Opinmind – Blogging search engine that separates results into “good” and “bad” categories. This is helpful if your client is looking for a quick snapshot of what’s being said in the blogosphere. It’s an imperfect system in that the software fails to pick up on satire and it also appears unable to rank the blogs by relevance so you get a lot of 14 year olds with blog postings that read: [Insert Client Name] Sucks/Rocks!

IceRocket – This is a pretty standard search engine, like Technorati without the muscle, but I use it for one reason: the trend feature. Simply enter in a client’s name and maybe their biggest competitor, hit "trend this search", and you get a pretty cool graph showing the volume of coverage in the blogosphere. Here’s Apple its recent Ipod launch:

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