Thursday, January 04, 2007

Mr. Israel's Neighborhood

Shel Israel is blogging about his yet to be released book, Global Neighborhoods. He has posted on the chapters he plans to write and has solicited feedback in these areas:

“I need your help in telling me..

  • Am I covering the right subjects?
  • Does the flow hold together?
  • What have I included that does not belong
  • What have I missed, that needs to be included.”

What a fantastic way to develop the newest blogging bible, as I’d like to call it.

What better way to showcase the idea that no single person controls the conversation than to solicit the input of the blogosphere on a book about blogs! Genius. I mean that, seriously, I think this form of collaboration could be applied to other countless other organizations who depend on customer input to develop products.

He, along with Robert Scoble, wrote a fantastic first edition and I look forward to reading Global Neighborhoods as soon as it comes out in book form. In the meantime, go over to his blog and check it out. Offer your suggestions. You could have a hand in shaping the book.

I've included below my own comments to Shel's chapter two and his witty and immediate response below:


I love this in chapter 2:

"In organizations accustomed to forming opinions through branding campaigns, we now have a place where people influence each other and the key influencers are the most generous in what they give to the neighborhood, not what they spend on advertising."

So true, my only advice would be to make sure you restate what you said in N.C. = you no longer own the conversation. No amount of money can buy you a seat at the table...

Thanks for this, what a great way to collaborate.

I forgot I had written those words. Thanks for reminding me that plagiarism begins at home.

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