Monday, November 13, 2006

Achieving Engagement in a Post-Mass Media World

As Web 2.0 is still in its infancy, young and old alike are learning the ropes of a new and ever changing channel of communication. Young PR pros are familiar with web based applications in ways that older generations of PR professionals are not.

I think part of the advantage of being young and in PR is that we're entering a field at a turning point. We have a blank slate, so to speak, while others are being forced to abandon the ingrained command and control method of communication and adopt a more symmetrical approach that my former professor James Grunig preached.

What better way to encourage our clients to become more transparent and collaborative with their audiences than to explain to them: you no longer have a choice.

Anyway, here's a recent summary from the Council on Public Relations "Achieving Engagement in a Post-Mass Media World." One my colleagues from our New York office attended and found it to be very helpful.

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