Monday, November 13, 2006

Welcome to DC PR Pros...

Young PR pros are being asked at agencies and firms around the world to build a skill set around the new digital media. I certainly have at my firm. While we neophyte employees may initially be asked to attend the local blogging workshop because of our low billing rate and ability to PDF a Word doc, it's our inherent knowledge of the Internet, our ability to read through relevant RSS feeds, and our eagerness to pitch our client for an upcoming Podcast that will take PR in a new direction.

We've been trained at the University level to use digital classrooms, Nexus/Factiva and online study groups as tools to navigate our way through the demands of college in the 21st Century. It only makes sense that the young ranks of PR firms are the ones who are taking the lead in developing their firms' ability to communicate using these new channels.

Readers of Young DC PR no doubt understand the value of the press release and the media advisory -- we learned that in Journalism/PR 101. Additionally, readers will no doubt appreciate the experience it takes to develop a strategic communications plan based upon years of figuring out what works. What you can expect to find here, however, is more of a focus on the new technologies as a means to communicate with consumers; it's what I hear my clients asking for everyday and it’s what will make us younger PR pros more valuable than a years’ subscription to Bacons.

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Paull said...

Hey John,

Great idea focusing your niche on young PR pros from a specific area.

Consider me subscribed! I look forward to the conversations to come.