Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Google & Council of PR Firms

Last week I attended the second in a series of discussions jointly hosted by the Council of PR Firms and Google. There was a lot of great information, but I first wanted to post what I thought was one of the most relevant presentations. It was called "5 Ways PR Can Participate in Youtube". This was just a tip of the iceberg but I wanted to share it since so many of us are being asked to develop campaigns that feature an online video component. I consider these videos launching pads and plan to explore other elements of the campaigns: paid advertising, search engine optimization, media relations, etc.

(The last two are Youtube Channels and not singular videos)

1) RESPOND to conversation about your brand. Example: Jet Blue. Jet Blue was assaulted in the press for long delays at the airport. Customers stuck for hours filmed the ordeal and posted on YouTube.

The CEO came out with a Passenger Bill of Rights and posted his response using the same channel. By the time the major news outlets were covering the customer outrage, the CEO response was already a part of the story.

2)START a new conversation within a community. Example Nike Zoom Challenge. Nike laced up NBA player Steve Nash in Nike shoes and taped him running a popular end line-to-foul line sprinting drill. Nike then asked viewers to try to beat Nash's time.

3) PUBLICIZE your brand or event. Example: Neiman Marcus 100th Anniversary.

4) CONNECT your brand to a cause. Example Bono & Red.

5) CREATE a Single Home for all online video content. Example, United States Navy

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Michael said...

Tips like these seem really constructive. I think there might be a lot of association between Youtube and the ever-allusive viral video, but these videos show that adding entertainment and value to users' online experience might be just as good and more feasible.

Michael Allison