Thursday, October 04, 2007


According to the Craigstlist website, employers advertising on the job boards can expect to receive an average of 51 replies per job posting. If that seems like a lot, you’re right. Compared to Monster’s seven and Hotjobs’s two applicants per posting, Craigslist has emerged an extraordinarily effective means to hire employees.

Sure, a huge stack of resumes on the desk doesn’t always mean an equally high level of talent. But what started as a listerv for local San Fran events has morphed into a formidable competitor for the other big names in world of job search engines.

Yet, somehow despite its polish, the quirkiness of the Internet shines through. Like in this job posting quoting the movie Office Space in the subject line.

Do Craigslist respondents tend to fair better or worse than from other jobs site? If utilizing multiple sites, would you be more receptive to respondents referred fro Careerbuilder than Craigslist?

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Alicia Alexander said...

Well, I thought I found my dream PR internship in Chicago, IL at the craiglist website. Something appears a bit too skeptical in the job listings. Some companies don't provide any website or telephone. You can't screen them or check them out.

So if you want to check whether the company is legitimate or legal, it would be impossible do so. If you're from another state, you're screwed! There's no assurance that your expensive plane ticket is worth traveling so far for this online posted job.

I know there is liability there but why go through all of that? Just a thought...