Monday, October 22, 2007

Sun to Rise in East

Entry-level employees are painfully familiar with the skyrocketing costs of tuition. The average graduate leaving the university with debt is not a new phenomena. This is breaking news according to the New York Times: "College Costs Rising Rapidly"

In other news, San Fransisco hosted the 4th annual Web 2.0 Summit last week. Lots of applications for PR pros.

Stephen Davies has a great post on Do and Don't for Digital Natives at the request of Paull Young.

Speaking of Digital Natives, I'm planning on attending a conference of the same name hosted by the Council of Public Relations firms in New York on November 8th. It looks like there will be a great collection of speakers.

I'm most excited about hearing former Clinton pollster, Burson CEO, and Soccer Mom identifier, Mark Penn. I've just finished his new book, MicroTrends. It's a great look at a variety of nascent and important demographics in our country. I've been offered the chance to toss out a question or two to moderator, Jeffrey Rayport, on behalf of young PR pros. Here's Rayport on the upcoming conference:

If you could ask Andrew Heyward, former president of CBS News or Pete Blackshaw, EVP of Nielsen Online , or Jon Iwata, SVP Communications, IBM, or Mark Penn, a question as a young public relations profession, what would it be? Seriously. I have a blank notepad and my RSS feeds open. I need some inspiration...

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Paull Young said...

Hey John,

I forgot to tag you in the post mate! sorry!

Any chance of getting a few do's and don'ts from you? I'm sure you'd have some good ones...

We should have a beer when you're in NYC.